Alternatives to street Life

Umthombo SWOT Analysis



1. Commitment by internal staff

•     Continue effective communications (newsletters; meetings, etc)

•     Promote internal knowledge sharing sessions to enhance staff participation;

•     Create open communication sessions where staff can express their concerns and feelings;

•     Conduct team building exercises

2. The ability to instil a sense of hope and belief in the children and youth living on the streets.

•     Establishment of a mission, vision and values statement that permeates through the organisation and into the environment

3. Very good Programme activities

•     Continue effective service delivery against identified core business objectives and implementation of agreed programme activities as outlined in the strategic document.

4. The ability to attract foreign funders

•     Review fundraising plan and strategy to increase foreign funders as well as attract local funders / investment.

5. 24/7 Drop-In Centre that the children can access

•     Registration in line with legislative requirements must take place.

6. The ability to address challenges with regards to the organisational structure

•     Continue effective communication and team inclusion in decision-making.

•     Redefine the organisational structure in line with strategic objectives outlined in this document.

7. Using the budget framework

•     Continuous use of an effective budget and fundraising strategy

•     Establish stringent business processes and financial controls.



1. Lack of passion by the staff

•     Use effective communication outlets / sources (See Section 10)

•     Conduct Team Building exercise

•     Establish knowledge sharing forums

2. Lack of Team Work

•     Conduct Team Building exercise

•     Promote team work through work activities

•     Ensure common goals and purpose are expressed and displayed

3. Lack of respect for responsibilities

•     Training session on roles and responsibilities

•     Policy guidelines for poor performance / disciplinary procedures

•     Establish clear organisational structure which clearly stipulates roles and responsibilities;

•     Redefine job descriptions that clearly outline roles and responsibilities as well as KPA’s.

4. Lack of Trust

•     Enhance communication (Section 10)

•     Team Building

•     Ensure staff commitment and trust through inclusion in decision-making processes

5. Poor relationship with the local Municipality

•     Enhance external communications (See Section 10)

6. Poor relationships with other similar organisations

•     Enhance communications (see  Section 10)

•     Identification of possible areas of engagement or involvement

7. No clear Policy Guidelines and lack of adherence to policies and procedures

•     PwC will assist the admin officer to provide guidance in the review of policies

8. No clear job descriptions

•       Redefine job descriptions with KPA’s

9. Neglect of Staff Development / Skills Development

•     Enhance Skills Development and training and development opportunities

10. Social Work team is currently formed by Volunteers

•     Employ permanent internal human resources for Social Work

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