Alternatives to street Life

Umthombo Street Children Overview

uMthombo Street Children is a South African Section 21 Company and Non-Profit organisation committed to providing alternatives for street Children and a way out out the streets. Its team is a fusion of social working professionals and childcare-trained former street children. Umthombo has a unique understanding of the dynamics of the street child experience.

uMthombo Street Children’s model leads children out out the street life towards alternatives. In many cases this means reintegration back into their communities with appropriate family preparation and support. In other cases, where there is no-where to return to Umthombo empowers children to make a fresh start. Due to trauma, getting children off the streets needs to be a careful process. There are no quick fix solutions but children’s lives can be transformed.

The Umthombo Street Children Process: Umthombo’s model captures the children’s interest and imagination through high intensity engagement programmes such surfing, soccer, art, drama and music. This provides a break from their street-life survival mechanisms such as glue sniffing. Once the children are in these programmes that begin assessing and addressing the child’s situation and associated traumas. It is the beginning of the healing process and preparing the child for an alternative.

High Intensity Engagement Programmes

  • Surfing: Umthombo’s flashship programme is well known as many of its former children have become polished surfers representing KZN in SA.
  • Soccer: Umthombo participated in the Street Child World Cup hosted in Durban 2010 as well as in the 2014 Street Child World hosted in Rio De Janeiro Brasil.
  • Arts: Art, drama, music

Umthombo Mission Statement is defined as an announcement of what we are doing today and why we exist as an organisation. Mission statements are critical strategic marketing and funding development tools that add value by defining our key objectives, programmes and activities. Importantly, the Mission Statement captures the uniqueness of our organisation and acts as a base line for quality and service. Read more

uMthombo Vision Statement defines what our organisation will do and why it will exist tomorrow and its defined goals to be accomplished. Our vision statement announces our organisations goals and purpose to the employees, clients (street children), media and funders. Read Read more

Our Values determine the organisational behaviours and how we set out to live each day striving towards our Mission and Vision.
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